Company Overview

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  • Founded in

    September 2018

  • Charter capital

    20,000,000 yen

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  • The Board of Directors ‘s member

    Tatsuo Fujimura

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  • Employment placement service license


  • License for Foreigners Support Agency in Japan


  • Headquarters in Japan

    Tokyo, Koto, Kameido 2-28-3, ASSETS Kameido, 2F 136-0071

  • Hanoi office

    No. 21, Le Van Luong Street, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi, Vietnam

Main business content

(1) Business consulting

Consulting investment and development strategies in Vietnam or Japan market; market research in Vietnam or Japan; M&A advisory in Vietnam or Japan; Human resource consulting in Japan and Vietnam.

(2) Introduction and training of personnel

Human resource training and development consultancy service; Organizing recruitment events, connecting recruitment; and supporting operations as a gender consulting firm – dispatching personnel and support agencies registered in Japan

(3) Business connection

Organize a local survey program in Vietnam or Japan; Support finding partners in Vietnam or Japan; Is an agency supporting start-up businesses in Vietnam with liaison services, on behalf of processing procedures.

(4) Other services
Import-export trading; Managing consulting switchboard for foreigners in Japan; Translation / Interpretation; Entrusting projects of developing and supplying IT products and solutions.


Electricity and renewable energy (Solar, wind, biomass energy); Smart City; High-technology agriculture; Education; Human resource; Consumer goods


  • Born and raised in Hanoi, Phi Hoa got the Japanese government scholarship (MEXT) and came to Japan to study aboard since 2008. She continued to get Master Degree in Economics and Administration from Osaka University of Economics after having Bachelor Degree in Economics in here.
  • After graduating, she joined Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting in Japan and worked as a leader of Vietnam Business Expansion Team. From January of 2020, she became the CEO of ONE-VALUE INC.
  • With more than 10 years of working experience as a business consultant, she has succeeded in many Vietnam related business deals with Japanese companies.
  • Focused on Vietnam Business as its core, she has accumulated deep expertise and built a wide network of valuable contacts in various fields such as renewable energy, timber production, medical care, IT, agriculture, and education. She is an expert in formulating market entry strategies for Japanese companies to expand their business into Vietnam, providing M&A advisory in the acquisition of Vietnamese companies, and also executing many in-depth market researchs in various industries around Vietnam. With outstanding achievements, she has become the role model of Vietnamese people of the time and has influenced the young generation of Vietnamese living in Japan since she has appeared in many Vietnamese media channels.
  • She has published a book in Vietnam about her 8-year experience studying abroad in Japan called “My Study Abroad in Japan" and it soon became popular among the young generation of Vietnamese people. In addition to business activities, she is also enthusiastic about activities that contribute to self-development and career development of Vietnamese youth, such as giving lectures at universities.
  • She has also written many articles about Japan in major Vietnamese newspapers and is delivering valuable information related to lives in Japan as a Vietnamese Japan lover. Her articles are becoming well known among the Vietnamese community in Japan.
  • Leading ONE-VALUE, she aims to solve corporate business and human resource issues with the purpose of contributing to the growth of the corporate clients. Meanwhile, she aims to contribute an easy and attractive environment to make life better for foreigners living in Japan and tackle problems relating to their lives and employment in Japan. She wishes to become a unique partner that can provide real value to both Japanese and Vietnamese companies.

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