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Do our best to provide valuable solutions for our customers
We are looking for people to work with us

We are currently looking for mid-career recruits with experience in a wide range of backgrounds, and new graduates who are motivated to grow with our team in the future.

We provide a wide range of solutions to our customers, including management consulting, M&A advisory, and human resources consulting, and we are involved in a wide range of fields, including energy, logistics, agriculture, retail, IT, and pharmaceuticals.

Our company entrusts each employee with a responsible job, and I think that there may be times when you encounter difficulties, but the joy of overcoming them and succeeding in business with customers is sure to be a treasure for everyone. . We look forward to hearing from you.

We are also hiring new graduates and sophomore graduates.

  • 「ONE-VALUE business description」

    Our main services are as follows.
    ・Vietnam expansion consulting
    ・Vietnam market research
    ・Vietnam M&A support
    ・Vietnam market expansion and trade
    ・Vietnam marketing support

    We provide a wide range of solutions to our customers, and we are involved in a wide range of fields such as energy, logistics, agriculture, retail, IT, and pharmaceuticals.

  • 「Attraction of working at ONE-VALUE」

    It is an environment where you can acquire a lot of knowledge about business not only in Vietnam and improve your skills to apply it.

    There are still only about 20 employees at the head office in Japan, but the environment where we are entrusted with management and leadership roles from a young age is the best environment for those who want to grow themselves.

  • 「People you want」

    【People who enjoy challenges and take on challenges】
    A consultant's job is to solve problems together with customers, and there is no such thing as a job without problems. Therefore, we are looking for people who can take on the challenges in front of them and enjoy solving them.

    【Those who can flexibly absorb and apply knowledge】
    Since we support customers in various fields, we may be in charge of projects in new fields. For this reason, it is necessary to flexibly absorb knowledge in new fields and apply that knowledge as we proceed with our work.

    【Those who can think logically】
    In the work of a consultant, it is necessary to logically organize and analyze information and make proposals to customers. Of course you need to explain the rationale behind your proposal.

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Message from us

Message from employee

  • Hiroki Ota

    General Manager, Human Resources Division


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    After graduating from Tsukuba University, studied abroad at Ho Chi Minh City Normal University for one year. After returning to Japan, he joined ONE-VALUE in October 2019 and is in charge of legal system research and human resource market research related to human resource business and human resources. In addition, he is in charge of procurement projects for government agencies, and is involved in system design of the specified skilled worker system, fact-finding survey, and work to promote the acceptance of foreign human resources with the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.



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    I have been involved in Vietnam through study abroad and internship since I was a student, and I feel that the profession of management consultant is extremely important as a professional who has a deep understanding of Vietnamese business. We would like to share the depth and fun of doing business in Vietnam together with those who will join our company in the future.
  • Nguyen Le Huong

    Consulting Division Senior Analyst


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    Born in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. After graduating from Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Aberdeen University in the UK, worked as a financial analyst at a major securities company. Came to Japan in 2019, joined ONE-VALUE, and is currently engaged in management consulting. In the consulting business, he is mainly in charge of market research and organizes information gathering in Vietnam.
  • Nguyen Quoc Chung

    Business analyst


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    Born in Nagoya and has Vietnamese parents. After graduating from Nanzan University, joined ONE-VALUE as a new graduate and engaged in a wide range of operations. Mainly engaged in M&A assistance, report/media content production, and internal management. I am also in charge of editing this website.
  • Pham Thanh Loan

    Recruitment consultant and management consultant


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    Born in Hanoi, Vietnam. Came to Japan after graduating from Hanoi Foreign Trade University. Engaged in supporting expansion into Vietnam at a major construction company. After that, he worked for a Japanese trading company, supporting expansion into the Philippines and working to improve operational efficiency. Participated in ONE-VALUE since 2019. Engaged in both human resources business and management consulting business. In the area of ​​consulting, he mainly engages in trade-related projects.


Recruitment FAQ

Is possible. In that case, please select “Other” in the desired job category of the recruitment entry, and describe the desired position or the job you want to do at ONE-VALUE Co., Ltd. in the remarks column.

How do you handle and manage personal information such as resumes?

We will not use your resume or personal information for any purpose other than recruitment. In addition, please note that the application documents we have received will not be returned. We will dispose of personal information.

How should I make an entry?

Please check the application guidelines and contact us from the recruitment entry on this website. At that time, please select the desired position. If you have any questions regarding recruitment, please fill in the remarks column of the recruitment entry.

I am a foreign national, can I apply?

Foreign nationals can also apply. If you are in the position of the head office in Japan, you must have a workable visa (status of residence).
In addition, business-level Japanese is required for the position of the head office in Japan.

I am studying abroad, can I enter?

If you have consulted about the selection / joining schedule for study abroad, etc., please describe it in the remarks column of the recruitment entry. In addition, we will respond flexibly to consultations such as visas.

I have already graduated, can I apply?

Is possible. At ONE-VALUE Co., Ltd., new graduates and existing graduates can make a wide range of entries.
We welcome entries from anyone interested in our business.

Is a company information session held?

We regularly hold meet-ups on Wantedly. Please see the Wantedly page below for upcoming information.
In addition, we will individually explain the company profile, recruitment position, etc. online to those who are interested, so please contact us from the recruitment entry.

Is it possible to enter a position based in Vietnam?

Is possible. In addition to our head office in Tokyo, Japan, we also have a base in Hanoi, Vietnam. We are also currently preparing to open a base in Ho Chi Minh City. Those who wish to have a position in Vietnam can also enter.

Is there a recruitment test when joining the company?

Basically, there are only document screening and interviews, and there is no entrance examination, but for some positions, entrance examinations such as document preparation may be conducted. Please see the application guidelines for details.

What if I have more than one desired position?

If you have more than one desired position, please select the first-choice position at the time of recruitment entry and enter the second-choice and subsequent positions in the remarks column. At the time of the interview, we will ask you in detail about your request and make a decision.

What kind of career advancement do you have after joining the company?

Please check the application guidelines for career advancement in each position.

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