Service contents For those who are considering entering the Vietnamese market or expanding their business, ONE […]

Business advisor / business support

Service contents

For those who are considering entering the Vietnamese market or expanding their business, ONE-VALUE will provide regular information and answer questions as an advisor. It is an image close to a lawyer’s advisory contract.

We will answer all specific questions about your business in Vietnam, and depending on the content of your question, we will regularly report to you in the form of desktop surveys and information that can be obtained within the ONE-VALUE network. I will report. (Work tasks such as document creation and visits are basically not included in the advisor service)

In addition to this, we will also provide useful information for your business development in Vietnam. For example, information on market trends and the latest trends in the same or different industries with high investment potential can be mentioned as an example. * If you are considering a full-scale expansion into Vietnam (such as when considering market research, searching for a local partner, or considering an individual project for M & A implementation), please use the Vietnam expansion advisory or M & A advisory instead of the advisory service. We recommend it.

In the early stages of considering expanding into Vietnam, it is recommended to conduct industry research, including industry research and market research. Even customers who are not yet familiar with the trends in the Vietnamese market can get an overview of the Vietnamese market by conducting a field survey, and can efficiently collect the information necessary to formulate a strategy for expanding into Vietnam. increase.

Service model

ONE-VALUE provides advisory services with the following models. We will provide high quality information by utilizing the ONE-VALUE network in Vietnam, specifically the extensive network of government agencies, industry groups, experts, and private companies. We can offer prices from the price range of hundreds of thousands of yen a month, so we would appreciate it if you could contact us once.

Features / strengths

As a management consulting specialized in Vietnam, ONE-VALUE has a deep understanding of the Vietnamese market and a network to the Vietnamese government and private companies.

A Vietnamese investigator who can collect information in Vietnamese is operating locally. In addition, we can provide high-quality information on a regular basis by utilizing networks with Vietnamese government agencies, industry groups, and private companies.

At present, the amount of information about the Vietnamese market that can be obtained even on a desktop survey basis is limited, and there is not much data that can be obtained in Japanese. In addition, it takes time and cost to collect information in-house, and it is uncertain whether accurate information can be obtained reliably. By using ONE-VALUE’s advisory service, customers can be efficiently informed about the Vietnamese market.


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