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Support for entry strategy planning and business start-up

Service contents

When entering the Vietnamese market and developing business, the strategy for entering the market is extremely important. ONE-VALUE can support customers to deepen their understanding of the Vietnamese market from the stage of collecting information necessary for strategy formulation, and can provide consistent support services from strategy formulation to strategy formulation.

In order to successfully expand into Vietnam, it is important to formulate your own strategy and highly rational strategy before expanding into Vietnam. It is necessary to clarify the purpose of the corporate strategy that can be obtained by expanding into Vietnam, and to thoroughly analyze the impact on the company from its feasibility.

ONE-VALUE provides consulting on business strategy to customers who are considering expanding into Vietnam. We will clarify the recommended entry method for customers, mainly from the analysis of the investment environment and competitive environment of the Vietnamese market. (Advance by own company, advance by concluding partnership with local company, advance through M & A / acquisition of Vietnamese company)

Service model

ONE-VALUE will provide support services according to the customer’s position in the step to enter the Vietnamese market. The general advancement steps are as shown in the figure below, but in ONE-VALUE’s strategy planning support service, we will flexibly design the support service according to the customer’s standing position in a custom-made manner. If information gathering is not sufficiently advanced, we will conduct a survey to deepen the understanding of the market, and for customers who already have an understanding of the market but have problems in developing a local network, formulate partner selection criteria. From, we will flexibly adjust the support service. As for the estimated price, please contact us once and we will provide you with a detailed quotation.

Features / strengths

As a management consulting specialized in Vietnam, ONE-VALUE has a deep understanding of the Vietnamese market and a network to the Vietnamese government and private companies. A Vietnamese investigator who can collect information in Vietnamese is operating locally. It is also possible to approach with ONE-VALUE at government agencies and private companies, which are usually difficult to approach.

Utilizing our knowledge of the Vietnamese market and our local network in Vietnam, we will help our customers understand the market and support the optimal strategy planning for our customers.


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