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About us

ONE-VALUE Co., Ltd. is a management consulting firm specializing in business in Vietnam.
Through services such as management consulting, market research, M&A advisory, sales agency, business matching, etc., we aim to support the development of our customers' businesses in Vietnam, contribute to the economic development of both Japan and Vietnam, and contribute to society.

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About US


ONE-VALUE for M&A in Vietnam

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  • Confirmation of legal regulations

    M&A in Vietnam is subject to many legal regulations, such as foreign investment law, corporate law, competition law, and tax law. It is necessary to check these legal regulations before conducting M&A.

  • Appropriateness of acquisition price

    When conducting an M&A, it is necessary to carefully consider the appropriateness of the purchase price. Especially since the Vietnamese market is growing rapidly, a too high acquisition price may undermine future earnings expected from the company.

  • Understanding industry trends

    The Vietnamese market is changing rapidly. Before conducting M&A, it is necessary to grasp the industry trends in the Vietnamese market. It is important to understand the growth potential and market trends of the market and evaluate the future potential of the acquisition target.

  • Evaluation of acquired companies

    It is necessary to evaluate the acquired company. This includes an assessment of financial aspects, industry trends, market position, etc. We also need to consider the business culture and employee culture in Vietnam.

  • Importance of human resource management

    M&A can affect employees. Employee employment status and employee migration also need to be considered. In addition, it is important to understand the cultural background of employees and emphasize communication.

  • Importance of communication

    Many stakeholders are involved in M&A. It is necessary to emphasize communication and build relationships of trust with stakeholders.

  • Developing an integration plan

    It is necessary to formulate a post-M&A integration plan. Planning can help ensure a smooth integration.


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      • 総務省
      • 国土交通省
      • JETRO
      • 外務省
      • ENEOS
      • SoftBank
      • JFE
      • 日本郵便
      • JPOWER
      • 伊藤忠商事
      • 住友林業
      • 兼松
      • 富田通商
      • UR都市機構
      • 日本ハムソーセージ工業協同組合
      • 環境省
      • 独立行政法人農畜産業振興機構
      • JICA
      • 新エネルギー・産業技術総合開発機構( NEDO
      • 明電舎
      • 住友林業の介護
      • メビウスパッケージング株式会社
      • ダイワロイネットホテル
      • Agoop
      • 出光興産
      • グンゼ
      • フジタ
      • TIS
      • カゴメ
      • トヨタ自動車
      • シャープ
      • 日揮ホールディングス
      • 熊谷組
      • 日立製作所
      • 扶桑化学工業
      • セブン&アイ・ホールディングス
      • テノックス
      • TRE ホールディングス株式会社
      • 阪急阪神不動産
      • Toshin Development Co., Ltd.
      • 新生紙パルプ商事