[Organized by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism: Information on Matching Events] Notice of Matching Events for Foreigners with Specific Skills in the Construction Field

Our company ONE-VALUE Co., Ltd. will hold a “Matching Event for Foreigners with Specific Skills in the Building Field” jointly with the Real Estate and Construction Economy Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

In April 2019, a new system for accepting foreign human resources called “special skill foreigners” was started, and even in the construction field where the problem of labor shortage is becoming serious, the period of stay will be extended after satisfying certain conditions. It has become possible to accept foreign human resources as a labor force without an upper limit.

At this matching event, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism aims to promote the acceptance of foreign human resources by each company by holding an interview with a construction company interested in hiring foreign human resources and foreign human resources who wish to work. It will be jointly held by the Ministry and ONE-VALUE Co., Ltd.

Prior to the holding of this matching event, we have set up a special site “COSM”. Companies participating in this matching event will be able to post job vacancies for free on this special site.

COSM – Foreign Human Resources Matching Site in the Construction Sector

Flow to participation / holding method

It will be held online or locally. Even companies that cannot attend local events can meet with foreign resources online.

Flow of participation in matching event

  1. Apply for participation in the matching event from this page
  2. The management office will contact the participating companies and hear about the contents of the job offer.
  3. Post a job vacancies on the special site “COSM” (created by the management office based on hearings)
  4. Job seekers apply for job vacancies on “COSM”
  5. The management office coordinates the interview schedule between participating companies and job seekers
  6. The management office will inform the participating companies of the interview schedule and time (if you wish to participate in the online event, send the URL of the online tool)
  7. Participating companies and job seekers meet at the adjusted date and time

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