Site inspection tour

Service contents

We provide custom-made support for searching for partner companies and organizations in Vietnam, inspection tours in Vietnam, and seminars related to Vietnam.

Flexible support is possible, so please feel free to contact us first.

Service flow

  • Inquiries
    • ・Please feel free to contact us regarding the matter you are considering. In that case, if you can tell us your purpose, budget, and period, we can give you a concrete answer.
  • Meeting/design
    • ・We will listen to the customer’s issues, background, and purpose regarding the content of consideration.
    • ・Regarding the implementation with a consultant specializing in Vietnam, we will coordinate the design, implementation cost, and schedule of more specific support contents.
  • Creation of proposals and quotations
    • ・Based on the contents of the meeting, we will create an implementation proposal and an estimate. Once the customer agrees, we will begin.
  • Alignment during implementation
    • ・During the implementation of support, especially in the case of business matching and inspection tours, we consider the information and results obtained so far, and constantly think and present improvements so that subsequent activities will be even better.
    • ・By conducting the above-mentioned reconciliations during the implementation, it is possible to confirm whether there are any problems with the direction and quality of the inspection, and implement higher quality activities.
  • Suggestion of future action plans
    • ・We will deliver a summary of the whole after the activity is over.
    • ・We support strategy planning and concrete action plans that will lead to the fundamental solution of the customer’s problems, not just ordinary guides and information gathering.