Foreign recruitment

1. Service contents

ONE-VALUE introduces human resources that meet the needs of customers (recruiting companies). If you are hired as a result of the selection, you will be required to conclude an employment contract between the person and the customer (recruiting company). ONE-VALUE provides a one-stop service for procedures up to recruitment, such as adjusting the selection schedule from introduction to joining the company and following up on the status of residence procedures before joining the company.

2. Service model

ONE-VALUE introduces human resources with skills and experience that meet the customer’s request, and pays a referral fee as a success fee type only when the relevant human resource joins the company. This referral fee is incurred only when the human resources introduced by our company get a job offer and join the company, and there is no cost for document screening and interviews before that. In addition, we have a money-back guarantee system up to 6 months after joining the company if the employee who joined the company leaves the company after a short period of time.


3. Strengths/Differentiation

Introduce candidates from our extensive talent database

ONE-VALUE has a database of more than 100,000 human resources, and has strong ties with domestic and foreign educational institutions, recruiters, and private companies, so we are looking for human resources with a high level of skills and experience. It is possible to introduce a large number of human resources quickly. In addition, all of the personnel we introduce are interviewed once at our company and judged to meet the needs of our customers, so we can select from truly suitable personnel without wasting time on document screening of a large number of personnel. is.

Consistent one-stop service from introduction to joining the company

ONE-VALUE not only introduces human resources, but also arranges interview schedules after customer document screening, pre-listening to candidates’ wishes, and preparing residence status procedures and other employment documents after a job offer is decided. In such a case, we have a full range of follow-ups, such as setting up moving arrangements, until the human resources safely join the client company and start working. In addition, this will reduce the complicated procedures for customers to hire human resources, as well as the costs incurred in-house.

Recruitment consultants familiar with foreign human resources are in charge

ONE-VALUE has been involved in the business of foreign human resources for many years, and has many staff members who are familiar with the foreign human resource market and selection methods. In order to provide an optimal match between client companies and job seekers, and to minimize turnover after joining the company, we provide detailed explanations of working styles and career consulting to human resources who will join the company in advance.

Even if you have no experience in hiring foreign workers, our dedicated staff will advise you on the appropriate selection method based on our solid knowledge and experience. We also have staff who can communicate in the native language of foreign personnel, so complex communication during selection and preparation before joining the company can be done smoothly through our company.

4. Service usage flow

The flow from the request for recruitment to introduction is as follows. We can introduce human resources in a minimum of 3 days after receiving an order, and about 1 week on average.


5. Differences and advantages from other services

Recruitment is different from temporary staffing, and human resources introduced by our company will be directly hired by your company. Since human resources work with the awareness that they are a member of the client company that has joined the company, they can expect good performance with a strong sense of responsibility for the company. In addition, it is also possible for client companies to develop and train human resources in the medium to long term as their own employee training.