Foreign staff dispatch

1. Service contents

ONE-VALUE provides a dispatch service for foreign human resources, mainly Vietnamese human resources. One of ONE-VALUE’s services, “recruitment”, introduces human resources that meet the recruitment requirements of the customer (recruiting company), and the customer (recruiting company) and the candidate (job seeker) conclude an employment contract. conclude. On the other hand, in the case of “temporary staffing”, it is a service that dispatches human resources with ONE-VALUE suitable for the work performed at the customer’s company (the dispatched company). In the case of temporary staffing, there is no employment relationship between the customer (the company receiving the dispatch) and the dispatched personnel, and ONE-VALUE and the dispatched personnel conclude an employment contract, and the model is to dispatch the personnel to the customer.

2. Dispatch service model

ONE-VALUE has a rich human resource database with skills in various industries and occupations. A dispatch contract is concluded between the customer and ONE-VALUE, and dispatched human resources with skills and experience according to the customer’s request are dispatched to the customer. The dispatched personnel will provide labor based on the client’s work proposals and instructions. ONE-VALUE will make an estimate according to the type of dispatched personnel, the number of personnel, and the work location, and the customer will pay the dispatch fee. Since the temporary staff and ONE-VALUE conclude an employment contract, there is no employment contract between the customer and the temporary staff. Therefore, there is no need to pay salaries, etc. to dispatched personnel.

※In addition, ONE-VALUE can also provide a service of “temporary referral dispatch,” which assumes that the worker will be transferred to the company to which the worker is dispatched. “Introduction-scheduled dispatch” is a dispatch that assumes a direct employment relationship with the company to which the worker is dispatched after the dispatch period. In the “temporary placement dispatch” model, the dispatch period is considered a trial period, and the customer can decide whether to directly employ the temporary staff of the temporary placement temporary staff during the trial period. Since it is a trial period, the company can directly refuse employment during the dispatch period, and you can set a period to determine whether the dispatched human resource is a match for your company as a trial period.


3. Strengths/Differentiation


4. Service usage flow

The flow from the request for dispatch to introduction is as follows. Inquiries can be made in as little as one day.


5. Others: Differences from recruitment services

Unlike recruitment services, it has the advantage of being able to provide customers with ready-to-work personnel in a short period of time while keeping costs down. ONE-VALUE can respond to all human resource and personnel needs of customers, such as urgent response to labor shortage, outsourcing of some operations, dispatch of human resources with specialized knowledge and skills. In addition, even after dispatching human resources to customers, we will carefully follow up on work efficiency, motivation, etc.