Identification and analysis of competitors and products

Service contents

For companies that are considering selling products and services to the Vietnamese market, ONE-VALUE provides sales support for the development and expansion of sales channels in Vietnam as a sales agent.

We provide a one-stop sales agency service that supports everything from confirming customer needs to formulating sales strategies, obtaining appointments, coordinating and supporting business negotiations, and after-sales follow-up after closing a contract.

Service flow

Based on the customer’s needs, we provide sales agency services in the following flow.

  • Sales strategy formulation
    • ・Grasping product/service details
    • ・Determining conditions for obtaining appointments
    • ・Target company decision
    • ・Create a sales pitch
    • ・Sales management system settings
    • ・Determining how to negotiate
  • Work activities
    • ・Approach to the target company, sound out by phone, e-mail, visit, etc.
    • ・Conducting business negotiations (including scheduling and arrangement of interpreters)
    • ・Support until contract conclusion (medium- to long-term contract, follow-up for increasing order volume)

Service model

This is a sales agency service that specializes in the Vietnamese market, and it is possible to approach local companies, government agencies, other organizations, and individual consumers in Vietnam.

  1. BtoB sales: We will conduct new development sales for Vietnamese companies in each industry. We can implement a variety of methods, including inside sales, so we can provide custom-made support tailored to your needs.
  2. BtoC sales: Targeting individual consumers in Vietnam, we support customers’ sales activities through methods such as consumer orientation/awareness surveys, sales platform construction and operation support that matches consumer preferences, and consignment sales.
  3. BtoG sales: We will conduct sales activities such as obtaining appointments and supporting visits and inspections for local government agencies in Vietnam.


As a management consulting company specializing in Vietnam, ONE-VALUE has a deep understanding of the Vietnamese market based on past experience and a network with the Vietnamese government and private companies. In addition, we have a local salesperson who is fluent in Japanese in Vietnam.

Currently, in developing services and products in the Vietnamese market, it is essential to collect and analyze a large amount of information and accumulate sales know-how in order to build an optimal sales system for your company, but of course it takes time and money. increase. On top of that, the chances of it failing as a business are not low.

By using ONE-VALUE’s sales agency service, customers can enter the Vietnamese market efficiently.

ONE-VALUE sets the sales process and achievement KPIs during the contract period according to the customer’s needs, so the customer can measure the local sales efficiency. Therefore, you can smoothly adjust your sales strategy.

Differences and advantages from other services

Some customers who are considering expanding into Vietnam lack deep knowledge and know-how of the market in order to expand their business in Vietnam. I’m holding

ONE-VALUE provides a sales agency service specialized in the Vietnamese market in order to solve these problems and help many Japanese companies succeed in doing business in Vietnam.

In addition, even though we have already entered the Vietnamese market, we also support sales processes such as planning new sales strategies, improving sales activities, and improving public relations strategies for customers who have problems related to sales. increase.

ONE-VALUE’s sales agency service aims not only to improve customer sales, but also to fundamentally solve customer’s sales issues in Vietnam and provide long-term efficient sales systems and sales solutions. I’m doing it.